Aster, Powder Puff (Callistephus chinensis) - 50 Seeds

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Are you looking to bring some much-needed brightness and freshness to your space? If so, then our Aster Powder Puff (Callistephus chinensis) is the perfect choice for you!

Our Powder Puff Mix provides large, full and long lasting blooms atop extra long stems. Gardeners especially love this variety because its bright colors not only make their gardens come alive, but they last over a week in the vase! So it's perfect for both ornamental gardening and cut flowers. And the best part? Thriving in sunny spots with plenty of sun, these durable plants just keep blooming season after season.

Want to add a splash of brilliance to those flower beds or borders? Or maybe you're searching for the perfect pop of color for those centerpieces? No matter what you're trying to accomplish outside or indoors with flower arrangements, our Aster Powder Puff are sure to give that wow factor! Cheerful and vibrant, this new favorite will fill any space with beauty and life.

•American Grown Seeds
•USDA Zone: 1-12

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow in early spring, planting 1/4" below the surface of the soil. For continuous blooming into late fall, plant a new crop every two weeks. To start indoors, sow the seed in a flat or peat pots 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost; keep the soil lightly moist and the temperature around 65-70 degrees F until germination, which should occur within 7-10 days. Transplant the seedlings as soon as they can safely be handled and there is no chance of frost.