Cucumber, Boston Pickling (Cucumis sativus) - 30 Seeds

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Boston Pickling Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) - 30 Seeds

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•American grown seeds

Considered by many as the standard for home-made pickles, it always gives high yields of short, blocky, thin-skinned cucumbers with crisp, solid flesh perfect for pickling. Often described as an amazing producer, giving almost a gallon of cucumbers per plant. The ideal size is between 2–6" to fit into standard pickle jars. If you miss a few, simply chop them for relish as they stay mild and sweet when larger. First appeared around 1880 when it was listed by D.M. Ferry and Co. and Wood and Sons.

Growing Instructions:
Moisture is the key to growing excellent cucumbers. Keep the soil consistently moist and apply a layer of mulch or straw to conserve moisture once vines develop.

Cucumbers do not take well to transplanting, so either start these seeds early in peat pots or sow them directly. Indoors, start seeds about 2 weeks before last frost, placing 3-4 seeds 1/2" deep in the peat pot. Keep the air the air temperature at least 80°. When 2-3 leaves appear on each plant, cut off all but the strongest seedling with scissors per pot. Harden off before transplanting. They should be planted no sooner than one week after the last spring frost when the air temperature is consistently 65-70°. Cucumbers like full sun and very rich soil.

For direct sowing, plant them in a hill of soil, sowing 7-8 seeds in each hill with hills spaced 4-5' apart. If rows are preferable, plant 5 seeds per hill 1 foot apart and later thin them. Cucumbers love heat and cannot endure even a light frost, so cover if cold weather threatens. Cucumbers love to climb, so provide a trellis or plant with corn since they benefit each other and the cucumbers will climb the corn.