Broccoli, Romanesco (Brassica oleracea) - 100 Seeds

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The Romanesco, which is sometimes called Romanesco Broccoli or Roman Cauliflower, did not always exist in nature. Many botanists think that farmers in Italy in the 1600s used selective breeding to make it happen. It's actually a flower that you can eat. It comes from the same family as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. It tastes a lot like cauliflower, but a little bit nuttier and earthier. The most interesting thing about Romanesco is, of course, how it looks. Its spiraling buds look like a fractal, which means that each bud in the spiral is made up of a group of smaller buds.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•75 Days
•USDA Zones: 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Heirloom Calabrese Green Sprouting broccoli seeds grow best in cool weather, so starting seeds indoors 5-6 weeks before the last expected frost will ensure faster crops. Shortly before the last frost and when the seedlings reach about 6” tall, plant them 1-2” apart in rows 2-3’ apart. For direct sowing, plant seeds 1” deep and 3” apart in full sun and rich soil, about 2-3 weeks before the last frost. Germination can occur in temps as low as 40°. For fall crops, direct sow in July or August.

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