Catnip, Lemon (Nepeta cataria citriodora) - 250 Seeds

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This plant is perfect if you enjoy the looks and flowers of catnip without the smell. Considered a sister plant to catnip, Catnip Lemon brings a lemony scent to a landscape or garden, and as a herb, this Catnip is used fresh or dried in herbal medicine for its sedative properties, or it can make an excellent tea plant with a pleasant lemon-minty flavor and calming effect. It blooms from early summer until the frost knocks it down for the winter. A tough perennial that blooms from seed the first year and returns year after year.

•Non GMO
•American Grown Seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-8

Planting Instructions:
Catnip grows best in well drained soil and full sun, though it can tolerate almost any soil. Direct sow the seeds after the last spring frost, planting them 1/4" deep in rows 20" apart; when the seedlings appear, thin to 12-15" apart. Keep the soil uniformly moist until the seedlings are well established. Since cats will crush the seedlings, protection may be necessary until the plants have grown to a moderate height. Control weeds. Pinch off flower heads for more leaf growth.

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