Zinnia, Creeping (Sanvitalia procumbens) - 100 Seeds

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Creeping Zinnia (Sanvitalia procumbens) - 100 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Easy to grow
•Bee Friendly
•Butterfly Friendly

Native to Mexico, these fun yellow flowers have brown button-like centers. The trailing habit of this popular annual makes it ideal for hanging baskets, container gardening, or for a groundcover. While it's called "creeping zinnia", it's not a true zinnia resembling instead popular black-eyed Susan and came to the United States in 1798.

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow in early spring as soon as the soil has warmed pressing the seeds into the surface of the soil. Don't cover as the seeds need light to germinate. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination which usually occurs with 14-21 days. Do not attempt to grow indoors as they do not respond well to transplanting. Water seedlings regularly until they become established. They will grow quickly and needs little care. Once mature, plants will tolerate heat and drought well.