Mustard, Osaka Purple (Brassica juncea) - 100 Seeds

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Osaka Purple Mustard (Brassica juncea) - 100 Seeds

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An outstanding mustard of dark green-purple leaves with bright white veins. Harvest at 4 to 6 inches for salad or allow it to grow to full size for boiling greens. Fast and easy to grow, great crop for spring, or fall into early winter. Colorful microgreen with a bit of a bite.Osaka mustard is a strong japanese mustard, with beautiful purple highlights. It is one of the primary ingredients in making wasabi. It grows well to the baby salad stage and is delicious as microgreen or baby salad green. Try as a fresh garnish with sushi instead of wasabi.

Growing Instructions:
A cousin to kale and collards, mustard is a tenacious leafy green but it's not as cold-hardy. Grow in clumps about 12-18 inches apart. Use straw mulch to hold in soil moisture. Start 4-6 weeks before the first frost for a fall harvest. For a spring harvest, start seeds 4 weeks ahead of the last frost. You can harvest and allow to regrow over a period of a couple weeks as long as the weather permits. Cut leafy greens 3-4 inches from the ground and allow sufficient time to regrow.

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