Celery, Utah 52-70 (Apium Graveolens) - 300 Seeds

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The Utah 52-70 is a variety of celery seed that is ideal for short seasons as it can be harvested at any point after the stalks reach at least six inches in height. The Utah 52-70 Celery is greener and grows taller than the regular Utah variety and is a good option for gardeners with limited space. Utah 52-70, like all celery, is a biennial crop. As explained above, the plants will grow for a 2 seasons, producing delicious, edible stalks. The plants can be allowed to "bolt," or go to seed, after the first winter. By covering the crown of the plant with mulch, or protecting it from harsh winter frosts, your Celery plant will return the next year to produce small, white flowers. Seeds can then be collected for resowing the following season.

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Growing Instructions:
Utah 52-70 can be sown indoors and transplanted after 10-12 weeks or can be sown directly outdoors 10-12 before the last average frost of the season. These seeds do best in moist soil with a pH level between 6-7. Sow the celery seeds a 1/4" deep in the soil, with 12" between plants and 18-24" between rows. While growing, the Utah 52-70 crops will need plenty of constant watering. When the stalks have reached at least six inches tall, they can be harvested by cutting at the base. The stalks can be refrigerated and used within a couple of weeks.

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