Lavender, Hidcote (Lavandula angustifolia Hicote) - 50 Seeds

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One of our absolute favorites. Whether you're using it as hedges, medicinal purposes (sleep, stress relief, and opening sinuses) or even as an essential oil, it's hard to not fall in love with the stunning Lavender Hidcote. Lavender angustifolia is one of the richest in essential oils, meaning more fragrance power both fresh and dried. And this 'Hidcote Blue' cultivar has a more erect, compact habit and darker flowers, so it's perfect for hedges. Fresh flowers can be crystallized and used in candies and cakes; dried flowers are used in potpourris and sachets; oils are used in creams and perfumes. And these are only some of the more common uses - imagination can create endless more! An evergreen perennial, Lavender 'Hidcote Blue' has a subtle blue-green coloring and sweet fragrance. Reaching 12 to 18 inches high and wide, it boasts 2½-inch, linear, downy leaves on strong stems. The leaves first open white, then turn a pale gray-blue-green color. Stalks of the deepest purple flowers grow up to 14 inches tall.

•American grown seeds
•Height: 18"
•USDA Zones: 5-12

Planting Instructions:
Growing Lavender Hidcote from seed is very rewarding! Sow 5 seeds per plant indoors 8 - 10 weeks before the last frost. Use sterile starter mix and sow the herb seeds on the surface, pressing them into the soil. Cover the Lavender seeds very lightly as they need light for germination. Transplant Lavender seedlings outdoors in mid-spring once frost danger has passed.

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