Lupine Russell, Noble Maiden (Lupinus polyphyllus) - 50 Seeds

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Are you looking to add some stunning majesty and regal beauty to your garden? Look no further than the Russell Lupine Noble Maiden! Not only will your garden be a showstopper, but this perennial is also incredibly easy to care for. Perfect for any flower bed or cutting garden, the Noble Maiden lupine has been honored with the RHS Award of Garden Merit and is a horticulturist’s favorite. Growing up to 4 feet tall, its palmate foliage gracefully complements white spires of blooms in late spring and early summer. It thrives best in full sun exposure, but can also tolerate partial shade with ease! Add this classic cottage garden staple to your outdoor space today and enjoy its beautiful blooms for seasons to come.

•Lupinus polyphyllus
•American grown seeds
•Height: 40"
•Zone 3-10

Growing Instructions:
To soften the hard coating on these seeds, rub them lightly with sandpaper or soak them in 180° F water overnight before sowing. Sow them in early spring planting them 1/2" deep after a 30 day stratification. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination. In the deep south, sow them in late fall for a winter annual. The seedlings are rather fragile. Water them occasionally and protect them from freezing temperatures. They can tolerate drought once mature, but occasional watering is most beneficial.

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