Marigold, Sparky French (Tagetes patula) - 100 Seeds

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Sparky French Marigold (Tagetes patula) - 100

•Pollinator beneficial
•Easy to grow
•USDA Zone: 1-12

French Marigold Sparky Mix is a French Marigold with medium sized flowers with wavy petals. Flowers are a mix of gold, orange, red, yellow or bi-colored. Plants grow to 14 inches tall and are long-blooming. Recommended for containers, beds & borders, and the pollinator garden.

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow in spring, planting just below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination. This plant can also be started 4-6 weeks before the last frost of spring. The seeds germinate best in high humidity and temperatures around 70° and germination usually occurs in 10 days. Water seedlings occasionally until they become established. Once matured, they will be relatively drought tolerant, but water them during extended dry periods. Pinch back the growing stems to encourage bushiness.

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