Melon, Banana (Cucumis melo) - 20 Seeds

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If you happen to spend your spare time reading old seed catalogues, you’ll be familiar with banana melons. This fruit was listed in almost all seed catalogues that were published before 1900. That says a lot about the long history of banana melons in this country. And banana melons were popular, the banana melon plants in demand. According to the 1885 James J. H. Gregory seed annual, the banana melon made a great splash at the Essex Agricultural Society in the fall of 1883. Banana melon (Cucumis melo ‘Banana Melon’) is a solid fruit that looks a little like squash. Each fruit weighs between 5 and 10 pounds and grows to 24 inches long. The skin is yellow with an inside about the shade of a cantaloupe, spicy and sweet at the same time. Eat this fruit fresh off the vine for the most pleasure.

•American grown seeds
•Open pollinated
•USDA Zones: 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Melons must not be planted until the soil temperature has warmed to 70-80 degrees F, since they thrive in heat. Start the plants indoors only 2-4 weeks before transplanting, since if the plants grow too large they have difficulty adjusting to the change. Sow several seeds 1/2" deep in each peat pot, and keep them at 75 degrees until they germinate. Thin to the strongest plant in each pot by cutting off the others. Gradually accustom the plants to outdoor temperatures by setting them outside during the day, then transplant them to hills 4-6' apart with 2-3 plants to a hill.

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