Cabbage, Napa Michihili Heading (Brassica oleracea) - 100 Seeds

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Sometimes referred to as Napa Cabbage, or Pe Tsai, this cool weather Asian vegetable is actually more closely related to a Turnip or Rutabaga than to Cabbage. It has been cultivated in the Orient for thousands of years and is more similar to Lettuce in consistency and taste. This plant grows fresh and crisp light green heads on a white stem. Heads are hardy, and can be grown in climate zones 1 to 9. After around 70-80 days the heads can be harvested. They provide a subtle, delicate and peppery flavor, and can be kept for three months after harvesting.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•75 Days
•USDA Zones: 1-9

This variety of cabbage needs lots of sun, water, and nutrient-filled soil. To grow this plant make sure you have an area with full or partial sun, availability to water them twice a week, and compost to add to your soil. With those three things, the Napa Michihili Cabbage should thrive! Sow the seeds indoors around a month before the final frost of the season, and transplant them shortly after the final frost. Sow 1.5" and cover each one with moist soil, leaving 1 1/2 feet between the plants and 2 feet between the rows. Water them often, with two inches of water each week. When the heads begin to harden, they are ready for harvest. This occurs between 75-80 days, so keep an eye on them. To harvest the heads, do so by removing the entire plant, root and all. This will keep the soil healthy and prevent disease, so that you can continue to grow bountiful harvests. The leaves of the Nampa Michihili cabbage plants can be kept for three months and will bear a mild and peppery flavor.

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