Bean, Yard Long, Green (Vigna unguiculata) - 15 Seeds

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These beans make an unusual addition to your garden with their extreme length. Due to their tenderness and unique taste, they are well suited to salads and stir-fries and are a popular vegetable in Asian dishes. They grow best in a hot, humid climate and take about 80 days to harvest. The yard long bean, often known as the Chinese long bean, originated in southern Asia. Actually a member of the cowpea family, they closely resemble green beans with a slightly more intense flavor and denser texture. These beans also have a loyal following in the Mediterranean region where they are known as "faiolo e maccarone" or "beans and macaroni" because of their noodle-like appearance.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•65-75 days
•USDA Zones: 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Yard long beans thrive in heat and humidity and should be direct sown when the weather stays fairly warm and the soil temperature reaches at least 75°. Make sure the soil is rich and deeply worked and grow in full sun. Plant the seeds 1" deep and 3" apart, later thinning seedlings to 6-8" apart. Rows should be spaced 3-4' apart. Keep the grown moist until germination. This type of bean needs to be trained on a trellis of at least 7' to support its vining... tepee or trellis structures of bamboo or chicken wire work well. Because they thrive in warm weather, they will need cold protection. Dry weather stunts growth, so ensure watering of the soil dries out. The beans should be ready to harvest about 60 days after planting. For best taste, harvest at 15-20" long.

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