Peas, Early Frosty (Pisum sativum) - 25 Seeds

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Peas, Early Frosty (Pisum sativum) - 25 Seeds

• Heirloom Vegetable
• Open Pollinated
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• Annual
• USDA Zone: 3-12

If you're after a veggie that's not only tasty but also a champ in cooler weather, look no further than the Peas, Early Frosty (Pisum sativum). This heirloom variety is known for its excellent flavor and its ability to thrive even in cooler conditions. An early maturing variety, these peas will get your gardening season off to a great start. Whether you're a newbie gardener or an old hand, these peas are a delight to grow and even better to eat. Why not add a pack of Early Frosty peas to your seed collection?

Sow Green Arrow pea seeds directly in the garden after the last frost, planting them 1 inch deep and 2-4 inches apart in rows 20-24 inches apart. They prefer full sun and well-draining, fertile soil. Water regularly, especially during flowering and pod development. Provide support for the vines with a trellis or stakes. Harvest when pods are full and tender but before they become too mature.