Pepper, Firework Ornamental (Capscium annuum) - 25 Seeds

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Welcome gardeners! The Firework Ornamental Hot Pepper is the perfect plant to add a beautiful and unique pop of color to your outdoor space. This pepper variety has stunningly vibrant white, yellow, orange-red, and purple hues that bring life and brightness to any garden or patio. Not only do these peppers look lovely, but they are also long-lasting - growing all season until the first frost. Low maintenance and disease-resistant, you'll find adding this pepper variety to your growing space will be easy and rewarding. Make a statement in your outdoor area with this stunning pepper variety that packs a flavor punch!

•Capscium annuum
•American grown seeds
•Days to Maturity: 80-90

Growing Instructions:
Start indoors in a sterile seed starting mix keeping the temperature above 70°. Once the plant has 6 to 8 true leaves and a well-established root system, harden off until the pepper plants can remain outside throughout the night. Some seeds can take 3 to 4 weeks to germinate. Transplant in large containers or raised beds. Water thoroughly—especially on the extremely hot days of summer. Make sure the plant receives lots of sun. Harvest cayenne peppers when they are red yet still firm. Use fresh in sauces or to add flavor to meats or vegetables. Thread the peppers on a string and hang to dry until they are brittle. Grind and store in a mason jar.