Tomato, VR Moscow (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) - 50 Seeds

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VR Moscow Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) - 50 Seeds

•Resistant to cracking
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-12

The Moscow VR Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum), was developed especially for inter-mountain regions by USU (Utah State University) in 1952. It was named after Moscow, Idaho—not Russia. Their thick skins is crack resistant and makes them ideal for canning. These gorgeous deep red palm-sized tomatoes are tenacious growers that will often grow a second season and they have a rich tomato flavor.

Growing Instructions:
Start with a commercial grade seed starting mix. Make sure that it doesn't have too high a fertilizer content. Prepare your seed be by mixing the starting mix with warm water to make it arable. Use any container to germinate seeds as long as it excess water can drain and fill it with the moistened seed starting mix. Sow the seeds 1/8" (3mm) deep. At this stage, it's fine to plant seeds close together as seedlings will later be transplanted. Place germination containers out in a warm, full sun location. Extreme temps higher than 95° and lower than 50° are damaging to germination. Cover the germination container with plastic to trap in moisture, but be sure to check that it doesn't dry out. As soon as the seedlings emerge, they will will start reaching for light. Once the seedlings develop their first true leaves, you can transplant the m into their own container/pot. This is an important step to help develop the root structure. Once they reach an adequate size and temps there is no threat of frost, transplant them to their permanent location.

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