Southeast Wildflower Seed Mix - 24 Flower Varieties - 1,000 Seeds

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Welcome to the world of Southern gardening! The Southeast Wildflower Mix is your must-have wildflower mix for Southern gardens. This mix contains 25 species of wildflowers with gorgeous blooms of varying heights and vibrancy that are perfectly suited to the region - including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. With red corn poppies to African daisies and many more gorgeous flowers in between – each bloom has been chosen carefully and expertly to provide you with a beautiful display of colorful wildflowers throughout the region.

Not only do these flowers look amazing but they are also incredibly low maintenance too – you don’t need to spend hours in the garden to ensure optimum results as once you have prepared your area Mother Nature will take care of the rest. With an abundance of annuals and perennials mixed into this craftily composed blend you’re sure to have an everlasting landscape filled with colorful blooms that remain vibrant all year round; where butterflies will flutter around your garden as they feed on your striking selection of flowering plants that were specifically chosen for their durability in Southeast climates.

So get ready to plant your very own ‘garden oasis’ with Southeast Wildflower Mix – you won’t regret having this lush blend gracing your abode!

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: All Zones

African Daisy
Annual Red Phlox
Black Eyed Susan
Blanket Flower
Blue Flax
Bright Lights Cosmos
California Poppy
Cornflower Dwarf Blue
Cornflower Tall Blue
Five Spot
Gloriosa Daisy
Lance Leaf Coreopsis
Lemon Mint
Mixed Red Poppy Shirley
Plains Coreopsis
Purple Coneflower
Red Corn Poppy
Russel Lupine
Scarlet Flax
Siberian Wallflower
Sweet Alyssum
Wild Cosmos
Wild Perennial Lupine

*There may be some variance in the mix at times based on weather and growing conditions.

Planting Instructions:
Sow in the fall after the first autumn frost for a spring germination just after the first killing frost of the season or in the spring after the final frost of spring. It's important not to plant them too early in the spring. In full sun to partial shady areas, clear the intended area of grass and weeds and then broadcast spread the seeds across the area. To achieve an even distribution, mix 5 parts sand to 1 part seed. This will help you mark which areas have been seeded. After seeded, lightly compress the seeds into the soil or cover with soil about 1/4-1/2" to protect from critters and being washed away by the rain. Water during dry periods.