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Every gardener has specific needs and goals when it comes to their crops. Perhaps you're someone with limited space, but a dream of fresh salads. Maybe you’re a pickling enthusiast, yearning for that crisp bite in your homemade pickles. Or, you might be someone looking to add a dash of intrigue to your garden with unique cucumber varieties. Whatever your gardening aspirations, there's a cucumber tailor-made for you.

At Southern Seeds, we celebrate the diversity of cucumbers, understanding that one size doesn't fit all in the gardening world. That's why we've categorized our top cucumber recommendations based on what they're best suited for. From the best for pickling to those specially bred for containers or greenhouses, and even cucumbers that are a conversation starter in any garden — we've got you covered. Join us as we navigate the world of cucumbers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your gardening needs.

Hands holding home grown organic green cucumbers

Slicing Cucumbers: Fresh Off the Vine Delight

Slicing cucumbers are the refreshing backbone of summer salads, the crisp bite in a sandwich, or the perfect snack on a sunny day. They are typically larger, with smooth skins and a juicy, flavorful flesh that's less bitter than some of their counterparts. If you're looking for cucumbers to enjoy fresh off the vine, here are our top picks:

Straight Eight

Straight Eight cucumber sliced on a wood surface.

A classic among slicing cucumbers, the Straight Eight cucumber boasts a consistent size and shape, as the name suggests. It's known for its smooth, dark green skin and sweet, mild flavor. An All-American Selections winner, this cucumber thrives in a variety of environments and is resistant to most cucumber diseases. This has been the top selling slicing cucumber at Southern Seeds for years and for good reason. It's a proven winner!

Marketmore 76

Marketmore 76 cucumbers in a basket

A favorite among many gardeners and revered for its impeccable quality and impressive yield potential, the Marketmore 76 cucumber stands out as a quintessential slicer cucumber. Boasting a crispy texture, these cucumbers are typically 8-10 inches long, weighing between 8-12 ounces. Their dark green skin adds a rustic touch to salads, but can also be peeled off based on personal preference. Beyond their taste and texture, Marketmore 76 cucumbers are lauded for their disease resistance and sustained productivity throughout the season. Their reliability and abundant harvests have endeared them to both market farmers and home gardening enthusiasts.


Bunch of Ashley cucumbers with green stripes

A variety adapted to warmer climates, the Ashley cucumber is resilient against mildew and downy mildew, two common issues in hot and humid regions. With a slightly rugged skin and a crisp texture, Ashley cucumbers are as tasty as they are hardy.

    Each of these varieties stands out for its unique attributes, but they all share one thing in common: the ability to turn a simple summer meal into something special. Whether you’re tossing them into a salad or enjoying them with just a sprinkle of salt, these slicing cucumbers are sure to satisfy.


    Pickling Cucumbers: Preserving Summer's Crunch

    There's an unmatched satisfaction in popping open a jar of homemade pickles during the cold months, a crunchy and tangy reminder of summer's bounty. Pickling cucumbers are smaller and often have a thicker, bumpier skin, which helps them maintain their crunch during the pickling process. If you’re looking to preserve the taste of summer, here are the top pickling cucumbers you should consider:

    Boston Pickling

    Boston Pickling cucumbers in jar with dill and garlic on a table.

    An heirloom variety, Boston Pickling cucumbers have been a favorite for over a century. With their short, blocky shape and distinct bright green hue, they are ideal for making firm and flavorful pickles. Their prolific nature ensures you'll have enough to fill jar after jar.

    H-19 Little Leaf

    Group of H-19 Little Leaf cucumbers

    A standout for organic and traditional gardens alike, the H-19 Little Leaf cucumber is a disease-resistant variety with a compact plant, which makes it perfect for those with limited space. Despite its name, it produces full-sized cucumbers that are excellent for pickling, with a crisp texture that holds up well in brine.

      Pickling isn’t just about the dill-flavored spears you might find at the supermarket. From bread-and-butter slices to spicy pickles, the varieties you choose can dramatically influence the final product. Boston Pickling and H-19 Little Leaf cucumbers provide an excellent foundation, allowing your culinary creativity to shine through in every jar. Whether you're a seasoned preserver or just dipping your toes into the world of pickling, these cucumbers are a must-try.


      Best of Both Worlds: Versatility at Its Finest

      There are cucumbers that defy strict categorization. They’re like the versatile actor who shines in both dramatic and comedic roles – a rare find but a true gem when discovered. In the cucumber world, these varieties offer the crispness fit for a fresh salad while also holding their own in a pickle jar. If you're someone who wants to enjoy the best of both raw and preserved, these cucumbers are for you:


      Cucumber Pioneer on a vine with yellow flower

      A modern variety with classic appeal, the Pioneer cucumber stands out for its dual-use capability. Its skin is thin enough to be enjoyed fresh, but it also pickles exceptionally well. With a reliable yield and resistance to common cucumber diseases, it's an excellent choice for those who want both flexibility and performance in their garden.

        When you have a cucumber like Pioneer in your garden, you're always in for a treat. Whether it's a last-minute addition to a salad, a starring ingredient in a chilled cucumber soup, or the main component of a flavorful pickle, this variety ensures you're ready for any culinary adventure. It truly embodies the "best of both worlds" in the realm of cucumbers.

        Greenhouse Growing: Optimized for Sheltered Cultivation

        In the controlled environment of a greenhouse, you can manipulate growth conditions, extending the growing season, and producing healthier, more prolific plants. Some cucumber varieties are tailored for this sheltered cultivation, offering advantages like reduced susceptibility to pests and the ability to fruit without the need for external pollination.

        Beit Alpha

        Beit Alpha cucumbers on a wood plate and wood table

        Hailing from the Mediterranean, Beit Alpha is not just a greenhouse favorite due to its delightful, almost melon-like flavor and thin, no-peel-needed skin. What sets it apart, especially in a greenhouse setting, is its parthenocarpic nature. This means that the Beit Alpha cucumber can fruit without pollination. In a greenhouse, where pollinators might be limited, this characteristic is invaluable. Gardeners can expect consistent and bountiful yields without the typical concerns of pollination challenges. The fruits themselves are uniformly shaped, crunchy, and can be seedless if picked young, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen.

          For those with access to greenhouse cultivation, adopting a variety like Beit Alpha maximizes the inherent benefits of such a controlled environment, leading to fruitful yields season after season.

          Container Gardening: Perfect Picks for Limited Space

          Not everyone has the luxury of sprawling gardens or vast agricultural land. For many urban gardeners, patios, balconies, or even windowsills are the only gardening spaces available. The key to success here is choosing plant varieties that thrive in smaller, contained environments. Luckily, the world of cucumbers offers some fantastic picks tailored for this purpose.


          Spacemaster cucumbers growing in a pot container in a garden

          Aptly named, the Spacemaster cucumber is a garden gem for those working within limited confines. Its compact vines rarely exceed 3 feet in length, making it perfect for pots and small garden spaces. Despite its smaller stature, Spacemaster doesn't compromise on production. These cucumbers offer a bountiful yield of flavorful, dark-green fruits that can be used for both slicing and pickling.


          Lemon cucumbers in a basket on a rough white painted surface

          Resembling a lemon in both shape and color, the Lemon cucumber variety is not just a visual treat, but is also renowned for its adaptability to container gardening. Its vines are manageable, and the round, pale yellow fruits are a delightful, crisp addition to salads and snacks. Not only do they bring a touch of whimsy to your garden and plate, but Lemon cucumbers also offer a mild and refreshing flavor profile, devoid of the sometimes harsh bitterness found in other varieties.

            For those with space constraints, selecting the right cucumber varieties is crucial. Both Spacemaster and Lemon ensure you don't have to sacrifice yield and quality due to limited space. Instead, they allow you to embrace and maximize your unique gardening conditions.

            Creating Intrigue in the Garden: Unique Cucumbers to Spark Conversations

            Every garden can benefit from a touch of novelty, plants that pique interest, and start conversations. Beyond their culinary contributions, some cucumbers bring a visual and taste flair that can truly captivate your garden visitors. If you're keen on adding some unusual and striking specimens to your cucumber lineup, consider these captivating options:


            Sliced fresh raw Armenian cucumber close up

            Sometimes referred to as the "snake melon" or "yard-long" and botanically a muskmelon which is a very close cucumber relative, " the Armenian cucumber is truly a sight to behold. It boasts a pale green, ribbed skin that can either be smooth or rough, and its length can easily reach 24" when mature although they're typically harvested at around 12". But its looks aren't its only draw. The Armenian cucumber offers a crisp, mildly sweet flavor that works wonders in salads and as a refreshing snack. As an added bonus, its thin skin means there's no need for peeling.

            White Wonder

            Closeup of white wonder cucumber

            As the name suggests, this cucumber stands out with its ivory, almost milky-white skin, contrasting beautifully with the typical green of the garden. Beyond its striking appearance, the White Wonder cucumber brings a delicate, sweet flavor to the table. Its skin, while thin, holds up well to slicing, making it a fantastic addition to dishes that benefit from a splash of color contrast.

            West Indian Gherkin

            West Indian Gherkin on wood surface

            This variety is as much a visual delight as it is a culinary one. Resembling miniature watermelons, West Indian Gherkins have a prickly exterior and a size perfect for pickling. These tiny treasures bring a burst of crispness and are known for their resistance to common cucumber diseases, making them a practical, as well as an aesthetic choice.

              Growing these intriguing cucumbers not only diversifies your garden's palette, but also promises delightful culinary experiences. They are testament to the fact that gardening can be as much about aesthetics and conversations as it is about taste and nutrition.

              Celebrating the Cucumber's Diversity

              From everyday salads to tangy pickles, the versatility and diversity of cucumbers have enriched our plates and gardens for generations. Whether you're a fan of the crisp bite of a slicing cucumber, the tantalizing tang of pickles, or the unique allure of rare varieties, there's a cucumber tailored to every gardener's wish. The joy of cultivating these refreshing fruits goes beyond mere gardening; it's about savoring the traditions, experimenting with novel varieties, and weaving narratives of age-old favorites and newfound treasures. Each cucumber, with its distinct flavor profile, growing requirement, and appearance, is a testament to the diverse tapestry of gardening experiences awaiting us. So, the next time you tread your garden's paths, let the alluring world of cucumbers inspire new journeys and rekindle cherished memories. As always, if you have questions or seek advice on your cucumber-growing adventures, reach out; we're here to guide, share, and celebrate every gardening story.


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